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About Me

Welcome to my website! My name is, Nikkie Marie. 

I'm located in, Los Angeles, California 


I'm  just who you need for the job. The magic I bring to you is not my editing style. It's how I see you through my eyes. I specialize in live concert photography and videography. 

Everything you see has been edited around my love of color and mood. 

I provide a current trendy visual editing style for all my videos. 

My services range from treatment plans to directing the perfect shot.

Lets talk today about your future shoot. 

Ive worked with Suicidal Tendencies for Monster Music for their official fan poster.

Nuclear Blast Records for music videos and band promo shoots.

Camera Operated for Call Of Duty Championships, Clash Of Clans World Finals, Clash Royale World Finals

Band demo play throughs for Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook

I have a large extensive background in production with growing day to day knowledge on trend setting camera shots. 

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